The 2017-2021 USA Hockey Youth/Adult Rule Changes That You Need To Know!


The 2017-2021 rule change summary that we have all been waiting for has just been released!

To view the entire official document from USA Hockey click here.

This official document contains many changes across nearly every section of the rule book. Many of the items listed in the USA Hockey summary are simple clerical changes that are not explained in detail.

We have gone through the entire document and sorted out the most important changes for your convenience. Youth and adult hockey has a few major rule changes that you will need to know for the upcoming season. Be sure to check out our condensed rule change guide below.

 Hockey Ref Shop Condensed Youth/Adult USA Hockey Rule Changes 2017-2021

You can also download this condensed document by clicking here.

What do you think of the new rule changes?

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  • Luke

    Usa hockey why would you ever think of making the icing rule while shorthanded bad mistake

  • Haley Yates

    Awesome study guide!

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