Mike Trego Is Our January/February Featured Official


Congratulations to Mike Trego for being selected as the first featured official of 2018.

The choice was easy when I received the following email from an anonymous Pittsburgh area official:

I would like to nominate Mike Trego for the January "Official of the Month". Mike lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he as been an official for over thirty years! He has been an amazing mentor to me and so many of his fellow officials. When I first started officiating, (I was twelve years old at the time), Mike and I skated many games together and he was always a great partner! Mike would give me tips, suggestions, and constructive criticism in between periods, after/before games, and during line changes. In addition, Mike is a dedicated instructor at USA Hockey seminars as well as Pittsburgh Elite Officiating Camps. He has worked at the college level, but still dedicates his time to mentor young officials by accepting game assignments at the 12U and 10U level. Mike is highly respected by his fellow officials and many coaches. You can count on him to always have your back, both on and off the ice. I hope you consider Mike Trego for the January "Official of the Month". 

I was completely blown away by how highly this official spoke of Mike. Leadership and giving back to the game is what Hockey Ref Shop is all about. 

Check out Mike Trego's featured profile below!

Name: Mike Trego

Age: 48

Home Town: Butler, PA (near Pittsburgh)

When and why did you start officiating? I started when I was 17. I wanted to stay in shape and active in the game. I knew my playing skills were not going to allow me to play beyond men’s league at some point.


What do you do outside of officiating?  I’m a juvenile probation officer assigned to a large school district. It’s kind of funny that I work with troubled kids, and then I turn around in my “free time” and work with “troubled” hockey players, both kids and young adults.


What is your greatest memory as an official? There have been a lot and it’s hard to single out just one, but I remember being chosen to skate an all-star game at the old Mellon Arena (The Igloo) in Pittsburgh not long after I moved to the area. What a “distinctive” smell the referee room there had. It was “Old Time Hockey” personified. It was also memorable because here I was, a guy from suburban Philadelphia, Flyers fan growing up, and I was skating on the same ice as Mario Lemieux and Penguins.


What are your goals with officiating? My goals are to do the best job I can to help mentor younger officials. At this point in my career, I am more focused on passing along what I can. I’ve done high-level hockey and met a lot of great people along the way. I want to show others how to get there.


Why do you think others should try officiating? It is great exercise. It’s a way to stay involved in the game. Officiating has taken me places and allowed me to see way more than I ever would have as a player. You also make life-long friends. Hockey is family. Hockey is the greatest game in the world. Period.


What type of advice would you give to a new official during their first season? I would tell new officials to do your job, know the rulebook and use it. We have it for a reason. Don’t freelance. It’s very easy to defend an officials’ judgment. You cannot defend not knowing the rules. Also, don’t let coaches and parents get to you. Just do your job and rely on veteran officials and mentors to help you along the way. Skate as many games as you can. There is no substitute for game experience.


Please share 1-2 small pro tips, tricks or words of wisdom that will help other officials improve their game. 1. Know the rules; there is not substitute for rule knowledge. 2. Don’t be afraid of the big game; or a game that is bigger than you thought it would be when you accepted the assignment. You are there for a reason. Act like it. 3. Make the call based on what you see, not what you think you saw or what you think happened. Guessing should not be in your nature.


Make The Right Call!

If you would like to nominate an official for March please send an email to HockeyRefShop@gmail.com


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