Conor Harrington Is The Hockey Ref Shop August Official Of The Month

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Congratulations to Conor Harrington for being selected as the August Official Of The Month!
The Hockey Ref Shop Official Of The Month is a monthly program that recognizes officials from across the world for the great work that they do! 
Check out out interview with Conor Harrington below:
Name: Conor Harrington
Age: 21
Home Town: Franklin, MA
Current Town: Bellingham, MA
Years of officiating experience: 11
What do you enjoy to do outside of officiating?

I like to play golf, hang out with the boys, and I still like to play hockey as well.

When and why did you start officiating?

I started officiating when I was 10 years old because my dad got me into it and used it as my first job.

What is your greatest memory or proudest moment as an official?

I got to work the girls national tournament with Katie Guay and Melissa Szkola, who went to the Olympics this past year as referees. Not many people get the opportunity to have them as their linesman.

Do you have any superstitious pre-game rituals?

I always put on and tie my left skate first, other than that I like to get out there and get to work.

What are your long-term goals with officiating?

I just accepted a spot in the ODP (Officials Development Program) so I am hoping to work some Pro hockey with them.

Why do you think others should try officiating?

Contrary to popular opinion not every player is going to make it to the NHL and there is always a need for officials at all levels. If there are people out there looking for a way to stay in the game there is great opportunity.

What advice would you give to a new official entering their first season?

It might take the whole season but you have to learn to not listen to everything players, coaches, and fans say. Hockey is a high pace game and things can get out of hand quick, stay calm, make your calls and be confident in those calls.

List some general pro tips or words of wisdom that may help other officials improve their game.

Work on the little things it makes the big things better. SKATING, you can never be too good at skating, if you’re trying to advance through the ranks that’s the first thing people look at. Learn to communicate, it makes a good official great talk to the players it makes the game easier to control if they know what you’re thinking.

How did you hear about Hockey Ref Shop?

I met Eric (Owner of Hockey Ref Shop) at Western Futures camp this summer.

Equipment setup:

            Helmet/Visor: Bauer 4500/Oakley Pro Straight

            Sweater: CCM

            Pants: Force

            Whistle: Fox 40

            Shin Tights: A&R

            Skates: Bauer 1x’s

            Protective: Bauer

Every month, officials are encouraged to apply for a chance to become "Official Of The Month". The Official Of The Month will be featured on our Referee's Crease blog and will also receive a free gift from Hockey Ref Shop. 
If you would like to submit yourself or nominate a friend for the September Official Of The Month please send us a short email to on why you (or your friend) should be selected. 

1 comment

  • Jason Cebulski

    I’d like to nominate Samantha Cebulski for September’s Official of the Month. She is a very dedicated official and does what ever she can to help grow and mentor new officials, especially females. She always does everything in her power to pick up mentor games whenever they are in need. She has also done countless instructing seminars and still has many left on her schedule this year. I might be ever so slightly basis, but still think she is an awesome official! Thanks!

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