Davids Rozitis Is The Hockey Ref Shop May Official Of The Month

Congratulations to Davids Rozitis for being selected as the May Official Of The Month! 

The Hockey Ref Shop Official Of The Month is a monthly program that recognizes officials from across the world for the great work that they do! 

Check out our interview with Davids below:

Name: Davids Rozitis

Age: 18

Home Town: Riga, Latvia

When and why did you start officiating?:

I started officiating when I was 15. At first, it was something to make money and get more practice skating on the ice. But after a while it became something I loved to do.

What do you do outside of officiating?:

Outside of officiating, I’m a college student at a local school and a Zamboni driver at my local ice rink. Typically, I spend 4-5 days a week at an ice rink.

What is your greatest memory as an official?:

My greatest memory as an official would be working my first ever game. Never before had I seen the game from this point of view and I was hooked.

What are your goals with officiating?:

My goal is to become the best official I can be and work the highest level of hockey that I am capable of doing.

Why do you think others should try officiating?:

Others should try officiating because it is great way to stay on the ice, stay in shape, and make a lot of money. Also, meet interesting people you otherwise never would and make friends that will last a lifetime.

What type of advice would you give to a new official during their first season?:

My advice to new officials is to just have fun and be social with the coaches and players during every game. They will learn to like and respect you, making your job so much easier.

Pro tips or words of wisdom that will help other officials improve their game.:

If you ever blow the whistle when you think the goalie has the puck when it is actually loose, skate over to the net and pretend to adjust it. The coaches and players won’t yell at you for the early whistle but will think play was stopped for a displaced net.

How did you hear about Hockey Ref Shop?:

I heard about Hockey Ref Shop from a friend of mine that had attended a camp that was sponsored by them. The prices are cheaper than any other officiating store I have seen along with new gear and accessories becoming available regularly made me a fan of the website.

Equipment setup:

Helmet/Visor: CCM Res110 Helmet/CCM Straight Visor

Sweater: Hockey Ref Shop Reversible Sweater

Pants: Stevens Padded Pants

Whistle: Acme Thunderer

Shin Tights: Hockey Ref Shop Shin Tights

Skates: Bauer Nexus 8000

Protective: Generic CCM referee shin guards and elbow guards

Every month, officials are encouraged to apply for a chance to become "Official Of The Month". The Official Of The Month will be featured on our Referee's Crease blog and will also receive a free gift from Hockey Ref Shop.

If you would like to submit yourself or nominate a friend for the June Official Of The Month please send us a short email on why you (or your friend) should be selected. Our email is HockeyRefShop@gmail.com

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